The challenge of getting Montserratians to collaborate is complex.  Herein lies a potential inhibition to greatness; the harbinger to mediocrity.  Understanding the motivation of individuals and that of the Nation collectively is key to solving this challenge.

It’s immodest to talk about one’s good deeds; teaching them is instead a better way and sign of humility.

Self-centered zero-sum mindedness is a cancerous evil that destroys the synapse of the mind until one eventually die a miserable death.

The masters of the spherical universe encompassing only Montserrat will be those who can bridge the gap between the cumulative desires of past Administrations and the reality of what is needed, necessary and can be reasonably accomplished.  The current cognitive disconnect is so vast that a conscious displacement of emotions and thought is necessary to begin the debate.  Whichever emerging organization gets us within proximity of what’s possible stand to gain the most politically.

There should be some level of asymmetry in the propensity to do good or evil. When an individual has equal amount of energy to do good and bad, they should never be trusted.

Integrity should not be a function of an individual’s perspective.   It is instead an entity unto itself.  So how come then, can there be so much dissimilarity in the perception of integrity when an argument ensues?  Integrity therefore may be subjected to being bent to one’s perspective and reaction to their experiences.  Integrity could technically be misrepresented at someone’s expense due to maligned thoughts or lapses in judgement but should never be compromised by your own deeds.